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Glen Carbon, IL

Ha Ha Ha Ha

What a load of bull.

So somehow, we're supposedly not doing too badly because of SMS, and wireless voice minutes? And consumer software spending? What?!

Regardless of whether one has a mobile phone, or if one uses SMS messages on his mobile phone, it has zero impact on the speed of his Internet connection at home.

My connection at home is 10/1, at a cost of $120. That's for "business class" Internet, which in my mind is truly free (as in freedom) connectivity. I'm free to run servers, no port restrictions, and so on, allowing me to use the Internet in ways that most people can't. So while I may not have a mobile phone, I'm in a better position to really use the Internet.

That's just one factor that the study doesn't take into account. It doesn't seem to take into account caps, if there are any. Caps are serious because it can impact the use of video.

Anyway...take a look at the following web page, and look at the picture.


Look at the part about "Consumer Infrastructure." Notice anything?

Software spending is another thing that's flawed. So because I use Linux on my server/router, which is free (both as in beer and as in freedom), instead of Windows Server 2008 I'm hurting the metric? That really doesn't make any sense.