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« So all those teens....WTH!? »
This is a sub-selection from Not apples here.


Boyds, MD
reply to kamm

Re: Not apples here.

If I had known that you were going to get so emotional I would have brought some Kleenex and perhaps some pampers to keep you dry.

You might get some millage with like minded tools when you rant about "greedy monopolies" and "crooked corporations", but in the end no one is going to dump billions of dollars on rural broadband with a wired technology because they know that they would lose their shirts doing so.

Perhaps you can form a Saintly non-profit Broadband company to bring Fiber to the un-served masses. I would however expect the likes of you to consider the "rural population" to be idiot, racist, redneck, red-staters who aren't worth the effort.
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