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Does streaming take up bandwidth usage?

So i was just wondering (i never done any streaming before) but does it take up bandwidth.(like would streaming alot of stuff suck up my bandwidth usage? would i be considered a bandwidth hogger lol) like is this how it works? Movie goes from your computer to router to verizon servers then back to router and then to your tv. or does it go like this? computer,router,t.v.

hopefully i explain that right. its kind of hard to explain.

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El Dorado Hills, CA
Streaming does use bandwidth, yes. Verizon (so far) has not shown any indications that they will care about a lot of bandwidth use.

If you're talking about streaming of movies from something like Netflix, for HD content it'd use anywhere from 4 to 8 Mbps or so (perhaps more). Even more for HD video on demand through the verizon STB (to your TV).

Put it this way, if you were to stream HD movies 24/7 at 6 Mbps for the entire month, that'd consume:

= 6 Mbit/seconds * 60 seconds/1 min * 60 min/1 hour * 24 hours/1 day * 30 days/1 month

= 6*60*60*24*30 = 15552000 Megabits

= 1898 Gbytes (or ~1.9 TB)

That's a lot (8 times what Comcast's bandwidth cap is, for comparison), but I still doubt Verizon would throw the book at you.
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East Northport, NY
reply to mrkeith
If you're talking about streaming media content from your computer to your TV, then that traffic is not going outside of your home. In that scenario, you're using the bandwidth of your LAN.


Norristown, PA
reply to mrkeith
I'm kinda confused by where exactly you are streaming from and to. If you are streaming a video from hulu or netflix or somewhere else on the web, then yes, that is using bandwidth, but as others have stated, with Verizon it doesn't matter how much you use currently. And unless you are streaming from the web 24/7 or with multiple streams at one time you really are not using that much bandwidth.

If on the other hand you are talking about streaming videos from your home computer to your STB (set top box), then that doesn't use any verizon bandwidth. Your data flow isn't correct in that case. It would be from your computer, to the verizon router, then to the STB. It does not leave your local network.


Clifton, NJ
reply to mrkeith
Lets put it this way OP, there have been reports of people downloading TBs of data per month and verizon doesn't care.

You have nothing to worry about.

That's because the network doesn't slow down like on cable or dsl. Even if we all max out our connection 24hrs a day, there would be no sign of congestion. It seem the central office backbone where most of the data is routed is able to handle huge amount of data transfer.

Instead of increasing backbone capacity on dsl or cable, the isp does the opposite, enforce cap and charge more for overage which would be in any amount of GB such as 5,10,20,40,60,80,100. speed is no longer an issue but bandwidth the transfer of data is now limited and an embarrassing solution

That the user is the problem and not the limited capacity
How ironic. ^_^