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Duluth, GA
reply to BBStores

Re: [Info] Is this the Second Battle of Atlanta ?

said by BBStores:

I have lived in metro Atlanta since 1974, worked in IT since 1978 and worked with Broadband technologies since 2004. I have never seen as many AT&T and Comcast trucks on the streets as I have in 2009. Could this be the Second Battle of Atlanta? A recent call to Comcast Business finds they offer HSI for $59.95 per month verses about $95.00 per month in 2005. What do you see?
When Comcast took over Gwinnett county's Adelphia franchise, they raise the rates of their cable modem only customers from $42.95 to $57.95.

Only recently did they raise it again (to $59.95) and actually upgrade the service to 6Mbps. I am not sure if this was an even-handed penalty applied to all, or that the cherry homes in my area have lousy IFITL from BellSouth (ahem, AT&T; ahem2, SBC).