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Why would I need more uplod speed?

Why do I need more upload speed?

*Remote assisting- to my home pc from work.
*Accesing files from my home- network drive.
* LEGAL Bittorrents -(I like to help opensource os's get out their, im a seeder.)
*Video uploading - I have several buisness that I edit for, they need hd content, and I also have several youtube projects of my own.
* Photos - I have 12gb of home photos alone, and about 20 gb more from my work, sadly I do not have thease backed up online, I would have to leave my computer on for weeks
* Gaming - I know this does not demand bandwith, but it does in the sence of if your doing anything else above, it will slow down the game.
*Video survalence - this is something I plan on doing in the future

Whom ever said I would download more than I upload. Sure this was true in the good ol days when all dsl was ever used for was fast web browsing. Back then people read static content created by few people at large buisness. Now days everyone is making content, videos, photos, 3d renders, ect ect. The average user is producing touns more gb of data in th course of the year than they used to.

I would like video uploading to go just as smoothly as video downloading. Also I remote assist alot of people over the internet. (Log me in.) Now sometimes I would like to see true color representtion of the users screen, but their upload speed is way too slow.