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This is a sub-selection from Not much improvement over docsis 2.0


Floral Park, NY
reply to cdru

Re: Not much improvement over docsis 2.0

said by cdru:

I've streamed video and audio from home numerous times when I had a 2mbit fios connection without issues. Sure it wasn't 1080p HD with 7.1 surround sound, but picture quality and sound was more then adequate.

As I originally said, faster is always going to be nicer. My point was that for an overwhelming majority of customers, 2 or 3mbit is significantly more then what they need.
That video quality might be good for a computer screen, but some people stream to TVs and without the bandwidth the video quality looks worse as the display gets bigger. HD streaming is the future and eventually it's all anybody will use.

I realize that we can access anything even with slow upload speeds if we have the patience, but more bandwidth intensive apps are time sensitive now. A dial up modem isn't gonna cut it anymore.