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Bandwidth hog

West Vancouver, BC

What about cloud computing?

Those arguing against the need for increased upstreams are also completely ignoring the current push towards client/server architectures (they call them cloud computing these days, but the principle is the same). Running web apps like Google Docs or using their shared storage to keep your files accessible from anywhere means you're piping tons of data in *both* directions.

If we keep moving towards cloud computing models for common apps and storage, we're definitely going to need a whole lot more upstream to do it.

Also: Man, I *wish* I could get a 2mbps upstream - there isn't a cable or ADSL company in my area at all that provides anything higher than 1mbps up on any of its plans available in residential locations.
We are not retreating.
We are merely advancing in another direction.
-Douglas MacArthur


Merrillville, IN
exactly what I was thinking, my iDrive takes forever to upload on. You guys are all lucky to have broadband, I am using EV-DO rev A right now as i am living in a hotel for work

I get 1.1-1.7 mbps down, and 500k up with sprint