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Re: Permanent Greeting, part two

I just bought the new MacBook Pro 15". Should get here Monday. I have long used various distributions of Linux and FreeBSD, so I am very familiar with the OS. I am just now finally converting from the Dark Side on my home workstation. I'll confess I did order VMWare Fusion2 so I can run a few apps in WinXP. The wife can not bear to part with Outlook 2007 and I am not buying another copy for Mac. But I hope to get Mac versions of most anything else I use. I am ecstatic to finally switch!

I debated for quite awhile about getting the 24" LED Cinema display but I could not justify a monitor that only supports Mini DisplayPort at nearly twice the price of decent Dell. So I got a Dell 2408WFP since it has a huge variety of connectors with the USB hub and card readers. I read tons of reviews and kept going back and forth. I am not a big gamer so the input delay issue I could deal with. But I am still agonizing over the decision. The Apple display is just so pretty. Anything, though, is better than my big old 19" Graphics Series Viewsonic CRT that took up way too much desk space.
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