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reply to tschmidt

Re: MyFairpoint access

Issue 1: While I was messing around I noticed the "My account" link worked for a short time after the initial changeover. Only problem is nobody (well, myself anyways) had the necessary info to log in with (supposedly being supplied with the first non-Verizon Fairpoint bill). Now, since about two or three weeks ago, the "My Account" link directs you to the error listed above. Meh. Online billing account info and payment will come sometime this year (crossing my fingers!).

Issue 2: Logging into the "Welcome, Sign-In" link on both www.myfairpoint.net and myfairpoint.net works fine for me (using vzexxxxx@myfairpoint.net). No digital certificate errors to report. Possible browser problems on your end? Not too big a deal, as I find the Fairpoint home page to be lacking in usefulness.

Yes, as long as my FIOS (erm...FAST) is up and running perfectly, I'm a happy camper. If Fairpoint somehow messes that up, I'll be right in line with the other Fairpoint "haters"