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Re: Oregon channel changes 09 after dta transition


Here at the University of Oregon we still have our channels in analog (and no digital). On february 11th we actually lost our clear QAM HD locals, I have no idea as to why.

I was researching and isn't comcast required by law to offer local feeds of High Def channels even if through clear QAM.

I wonder if the U of O blocked the crossover?!

try a rescan from the info i can see here is where you local hd channels are in the QAM world
14-13 28.1 kepb dt
14-14 28.3 kepb dt3-opb plus
76-3 16.1 kmtr dt
76-4 34.1 klsr dt
91-1 9.1 kezi dt
91-2 9.2 kezi dt2
91-6 13.1 kval-dt

SD locals are in the 80 range
the only thing you should have lost was digital versions of expanded basic channels because they are now in the range of ch 64-69 or are getting ready to switch soon


Portsmouth, RI
reply to GeckoDude
Very jealous of you guys in Oregon! Hopefully Philly gets this to happen this summer, since we started deploying DTA boxes a couple months ago, just no mention yet of analog cutoff.


See if you can talk to someone at the school from the IT department, they might know a bit more technical information as to why they took off the HD locals. Many campuses have custom lineups in their contracts with cable companies, and don't do upgrades/updates with the corresponding neighborhoods bordering the campus. At some schools the IT folk might be in charge of some parts of the cable system, at some it might be completely handled by Comcast. Someone from IT should know the situation at U of O.