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Re: MyFairpoint access

said by DrSmith:

FWIW - Verizon did not support FF either.
Interesting, didn't realize that. I try to use BBR and other on line resources to troubleshoot problems. It is a sorry state of affairs when calling the vendor is a customer's last resort.

I can only image what I'd go through if I had to call tech support. I've been a DSL customers since 2000. At that time Verizon was using dumb modems running PPPoE on PC. Haven't used that setup in years.

Checking stats on my Web site: FF is about 60% with IE at 30%



united state

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Yes, I too have had DSL since 2000 and try to get everything I can off forums and web sites. But we're on some sort of remote office link. And there was a router/repeater in the RO that occasionally wigged out. Unfortunately this meant my local copper DSL line tested out fine, but I still had no connectivity. So, there I am with an 800 number, and total dread, to report the outage.

This situation completely befuddles all first line VZ support staff and they always forced me through an idiotic flow chart of browser configuration and PC connection settings before escalating. Once escalated the problem was usually fixed in 24 hours.

One time I actually signed up for premium support to bypass the IE setup insanity. Then I had to call back and remind them to drop the premium support charge, since the problem was in their equipment, not mine.