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Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to Jaghar

Re: Look At Electric Utility Deregulation

Well let me take a stab at it

Probably the Government should become the "dumb pipe" provider. AT&T et al are really complaining because there is no revenue GROWTH as just the pipe holder (all puns intended).

So, IMHO, it would be best if the Government just provided the access & let anybody provide the service (that is access to the pipes). All service providers would pay a percentage (say 2%) of their own revenue to the Government to pay for the upkeep/maintenance. & so on & so forth for the pipes. Then the service providers would, you know, actually have to compete with each other over who gives better service. Now of course the AT&T's of the world would scream bloody murder over stranded/legacy costs (even though we the public heavily subsidized these networks) so we would have to bribe them.

Say we pay them a one time amount equal to 20% of each companies (the existing dumb pip providers) CAPEX for the last 3 years. I realize that this would be a huge amount of money, it is the only way I can see that this idea could get off the ground.
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