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Primus Throttles in Canada

I am in the Kitchener area, and Primus does thottle bit torrent traffic. My speed crawls at 20 - 50kbps during the day at exactly 3AM it jumps to well over 500kBps and then dies out to 20 - 50kBps at approx 6AM.


Nepean, ON
In light of my findings I would beg to differ. It might be quite possible they have local congestion in that area and that was causing the speed to go down.

»Primus Traffic Shaping :: For Better or for Worse !!!

You can try out one thing, when you are faced with this low rate use streaming and other web browsing and see if there is performance degradation or not. This would be a good indicator.

I frankly do not trust speed test sites much. For example "www.speakeasy.net/speedtest" here different locations give you different speed reading. Sometime due to my laptops CPU utilization I get less than dial-up speed as Java app gets stuck. I take multiple readings from multiple sites and determine my average link performance.

Keep in mind Im in Ottawa and you are Kitchener. My suggestion is based on what I have seen here.

Would like to know what you found / experienced ?


It's actually Bell throttling them as they do with all their resellers. In my area it gets back up to speed from around 2 am till noon, i can live with that as Primus has no caps.