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Bittorrent activity causes disconnects

Question -

The last few days I have seen a troubling occurrence so I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this or if it was possibly just my hardware.

My connection will maintain fine under normal web-surfing, but as of last week, any bittorrent activity generates an immediate, temporary disconnect of the internet.

What I'm actually seeing is a cable modem hooked up to an apple extreme wireless router, and the wifi drops within 2 mins of initiating a bittorrent client.

I can go up and reboot everything and it will work until I start up bittorent again - like clockwork, the wifi will drop out - almost as though my modem is getting some refresh or reboot signal specifically designed to knock off transfers. I have done this probably 8 or 9 times with the same exact result.

Obviously with a wireless router this means a reboot every time, possible that if I was hardwired in, it would just pick up again.


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