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Triptoe Through The Tulips
Manchester, CT

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reply to keyboard5684

Re: Passwords

You just made my day! (Well, night, actually.)

I'd happened to find a Compaq Presario 6410nx in a midden. Wouldn't power up. I finally found out this evening that the thing uses standard ATX pinouts and I shove in a PSU that I happened to have lying about.

Powering up the computer I'm faced with an XP Pro login screen. Null password wouldn't work but your post prompted me to attempt "password". Well, it worked!
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Pittsburgh, PA
LOL... There are a lot of small businesses where I come in and do consulting for. When it is after the fact, meaning I come in after server and some PCs are setup, I try the following combination (50% say "I do not know the password" but login everyday)...

password (username as a password) null computer "the company phone number" "the company name" I
n many cases the password is written on a yellow sticky note buried in a pile or on the side of a monitor...

It is the age old security problem, password. I wish biometrics would be used more (I used to have an HP laptop that had a fingerprint scanner on it). Just have the user login using their fingerprint... they have to have fingers to type.

I wonder WHY have biometrics not become main-stream? They are cheap now, easy to use, and should be incorporated into the operating system (and they are in Windows, just like a smartcard)???

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Biometrics have all sorts of problems. It's all there in the literature.