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[northeast] dvd and fios tv

Just had fios tv installed in my home. I have a custom installed hd plasma (wall-hung and in-wall cables/wires)tv.At the end of the fios install, the verizon tech connected rca cables between the verizon DVR box, and the dvd player. Nothing goes from the dvd player to the tv. Now we can't watch dvds. After the fact, verizon tech support is saying there MUST be cables from dvd player directly into the tv in order to watch dvds. This is distressing because that means another hole in the wall and snaking cables and electrician expense. Any option you can think of to avoid this and still be able to watch dvds? Thanks.

Agent Smith

New York

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Cant you put back the connections from the tv to the Dvd when you want to use the dvd player then put it back.


Yes but the tv is 8-9 feet up on the wall. I was looking for a more permanent solution, like maybe a verizon unit that plays dvds? Or some kind of converter that would enable dvd playing through the verizon dvr box. Right now there is an hdmi cable and the fios coax from the tv into the back of the dvr box. Thanks.

Pittsburgh, PA

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So your DVD and STB both used a single HDMI out to the TV? Only way I know to do that is put a switch with the STB. HDMI in from STB, HDMI in from the DVD, single HDMI from switch to TV.

edit: If your DVD player does pass through, you may have been connected from STB to DVD IN with HDMI, then HDMI out of DVD player to the TV.


Havertown, PA

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reply to kif2000aolcom
I'm at a loss as to why the DVD PLAYER would even be connected to the FiOS DVR. Unless... The tech thought to connect the DVD player's output to an input on the FiOS box and use that as a pass-thru to the TV. But, so far as I know, those inputs are not functional on the FiOS STBs or DVRs (I may be wrong).

How is the FiOS DVR connected to the HDTV? (did he use the original DVD player cables for that connection?)

How was the DVD player originally connected to the TV?

HDTVs, of the type you describe, usually have multiple inputs (e.g. HDMI, Composite, Component, S-Video, etc.) that you can select using the remote.

I suspect that you will need to run additional cable(s) from the FiOS DVR/DVD area to the plasma TV in order to use both of them. Why that wasn't done (for future expansion) during the original TV installation is somewhat puzzling to me, particularly since routing inside a wall is involved.

What you could do is to tie a tag line to the end of one of the existing cables and pull it back through the wall. Then, use the tag line to re-pull the cable plus whatever else needs to be run to complete the connections to the TV (and I'd take inventory as to what inputs are available on the HDTV so that you cover all the bases). Or, just pull what you need now and add a tag line to that bundle so that you can add cables later, if that's the way you want to do it.

Edit: BTW, this all ass-u-mes that the cabling in the wall is not stapled to a stud and can be freely pulled through the wall.

Good luck!!!
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reply to kif2000aolcom
Thank you Agent Smith, John A, and Rattler. I will look into all scenarios to see how best to proceed. I sincerely appreciate your replies and attempts to help me.


reply to kif2000aolcom
Final solution:an hdmi switch enabled me to connect the hdmi from the tv(I didn't realize hdmi carried video AND audio)into a switch box, with a short hdmi cable from the switch to the dvr box,and another from the switch to the dvd player. The switch has a remote which allows me to lazily toggle back and forth from fios tv to dvd. The switch cost me $60, the cables $10. No messing with the in-wall cables. Just fyi-I got the clues from a high end audio supplier who was happy to share this gem - he had just done an install using this solution for another customer.