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Przemyslaw J


JoiPhone excellent service at a great price

I have had joiphone for about 5 months now and I'm very happy with the quality of service and the price. Before switching I had Vonage (best user interface, great sound quality but most expensive), PowerPhone (Great service, great customer service but you have to pre pay for a year or two to get a good price which I can't do after loosing money to Sunrocket). JoiPhone has same sound quality as vonage or powerphone with my 3Mb dsl internet connection, good features but somewhat updated user interface or web interface to change the setting compared to vonage. Also I had to play with my router settings to get good sound quality when calling Poland. I have their Joi to world plan which includes 800 minutes to select countries which I call often for $19.99 (total with taxes $22.78) with unlimited calling in USA and Canada. Tech support is ok depending who u speak to but there is nobody to talk at billing if you have a problem (email support only with delayed replys from my experience).

Overall I'm happy with the service (excellent voice quality) and the price.


Las Vegas, NV
I think you must be the only one !