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Cobalt Broadband in Liberty Hill, Tx

Hi Folks,

I'm a new member, and I'm looking for current feedback on Cobalt Broadband in Liberty Hill, Tx.

How is the quality of their ISP service?

How is the quality of their customer support?

I need service in the area near FM 1869 and CR 285 west of Liberty Hill.

I've read the older posts and am wondering if anything has improved.



I live off of 1869 on 284. I actually used to live off 285 and am currently building a home there.
I have had Cobalt since November 2008 and am actually on hold with them trying to reach tech support. I would not recommend them. I have had ongoing problems for about 2 months with no resolution. Someone was supposed to come out last Friday and give me a taller pole?? They never showed up and never called. I have left two messages today for tech support with no return call. I believe they only have one person who works in tech support. They are also closed on the weekends. From what I have read, they oversold this area so that is why the service is so slow.
I had Hughes when I lived off of 285 and I think I will be going back to them.
Good luck!


Hi Christa,

Thanks for the feedback.

Check out Western Broadband to see if they are better than Cobalt. Western offers coverage in the same area, and I've spoken with two people who are happy with them.


If you do go with Western, please let me know how it works out for you. I can't use Hughes because I need to VPN into work, and I'm told that the latency on satellite is not compatible with VPN.

Best to you!