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Is U-verse really faster than Comcast Broadband?

Hi, pretty new to U-verse still and I am really questioning if U-verse internet is really faster. I have the 18mbps internet and when I had Comcast Blast it was 16 mbps. So heres the deal, I use my internet for work, basically I have to beat out all my competition at a certain time and my computer notifies me if I got my bid at work or not. With Comcast I was always getting what I wanted, I would usually beat everyone, basically had it perfected. Then I saw Uverse was offering "the fastest internet in Houston" at 18 mbps so I decided to look into it. Got everything installed and it just isnt cutting it. The bids that I usually got before I was no longer getting at work, it is all based on internet speed and I am really questioning Uverse's speed and thinking about going back to Comcast. Any thoughts on this?

Sounds like your work is based more on ping times and the route to the server..not actual speed of the internet tier.

Im new to all of this, but what are pings? For my job, at a certain time of the day I have to click to pick something up online. At the same time there are hundreds of others clicking trying for the exact same thing. with Comcast I used to always beat everyone to it, now with Uverse I am not beating anyone.


Boca Raton, FL
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It sounds like you are bidding on auctions on eBay and the competion is using esnipe to beat you at auction close.

My first guess on your performance issue may be the DNS caching problem in the Residential Gateway(RG) that may be accounting for what you are reporting as slow performance.

We need to know the name of the server you are trying to reach or more about what computer you are using, do you have a PC or a Mac? We can walk you throught some simple checks to see were the delays may exist.


Actually what I am bidding on for work is very similiar to an Ebay auction in that whoever is the fastest gets the prize.

See my knowledge about all this is very limited so I dont know the server I am trying to reach. I using a PC, thanks.

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Been reading up and sort of understand pings better. Dave, the name of the server I am trying to reach is, I use a PC.

Valencia, CA
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You need low latency, not "mbps". There's not a lot of data in the "click" that needs to be transferred. Those few bits just need to get from point A to point B faster.

U-verse has slightly higher latency than even a DSL connection due to an "interleaving" mode used to make the connection more reliable. It's less ideal for gamers. What you're doing is essentially the same thing as playing an online game.

To try to use an analogy, increasing bandwidth (mbps) is like adding lanes on a freeway. You can move more vehicles at once, but it doesn't change the amount of distance that needs to be covered. And if there's no traffic, additional lanes do absolutely no good. Clicking on your bid is the equivalent of driving on the highway at 3AM. You don't need extra lanes. You want a shorter road!

You could have Comcast's slowest internet tier and it would probably work exactly the same as their fastest tier for your purposes.
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Wow, great post, djrobx. Great analogies and clarity. What he said.

Download speed is primarily marketing hype for most users. It's only one factor in perceived speed and quality of Internet connection, yet it's the number that gets advertised and so many users glom onto it. If you're not downloading large software programs and updates, or movies, or huge PowerPoint projects from work, etc., and most users do these things only sporadically if at all, download speed really doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things. And if you do do a lot of that downloading, chances are good that a company like AT&T or Comcast will throttle you down to try and force you to leave or upgrade your account to business level service at a much higher price.