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Bountiful, UT

xmission with quest dsl.......

I just ordered qwest dsl with msn 256k.... well ive been waiting for the modem to come for about a month now, and i heard that my friend goes through xmission for his isp, through qwest dsl.... well, im here paying 40 bucks a month for 256k msn, and he's over there paying 40 a month for 640k with xmission.... so i called up msn and cancelled, then ordered through xmission... then i did the isp switch with qwest, and they confurmed the order as '256k dsl line with xmission isp'... my friend is going through xmission and qwest and is paying the same prices as i am, so i was wondering if i will get the same speeds as him... im only paying qwest for a 256k dsl line, but xmission says i will get 640k through there isp.. is this true? what speeds can i expect from xmission with qwest dsl?? im not sure, it doesnt make sence to me that a 256k qwest line will give me 640k with xmission.... also, one quick question... my computer is upstairs, but the only phone line in the area of my computer is downstairs.. so, i drilled a hole in the floor, and wired a phone line from the wall downstairs, all the way up stairs and the line is about 15-20 feet... will i loose speed quality because the phone line connected to the computer is so long??? hope not, cuz im in a condo, and they wont let me put a new phone jack by the computer (gay)... anyways, thanx for the help, i just wanna get the speed thing with xmission cleared up...

Phoenix Gold

Port Angeles, WA
·Midcontinent Com..
I ran my DSL threw a cheap 100 foot phone cord and it worked fine. When i moved my PC closer to the jack and used the heavy phone cord they gave me, i saw little or no improvement. Your biggest worry is going to be getting MSN off your line. I think you are underestimating the effort it takes to actually get msn to let go. (Qwest cant even place an order for another ISP if MSN hasnt sent them a cancellation notice, the qwest database will just drop the order) It took me almost 2 months to switch from MSN to a local ISP. Qwest kept saying msn hadnt sent them the notice and MSN kept saying they had. I finally only got MSN off the line after i filed complaints against MSN with the BBB and the AG. (might have been totally coincidental but only took 2 days after i filed complaints)

As far as getting 540 while paying quest for a 256 line sounds fishy to me, but i could be wrong. Getting the same speeds as your friend (even if your both on 640 plans) has MUCH more to it than just being on the same ISP. (line quality and distance from CO to start).

XMission Broadband
Salt Lake City, UT
reply to dwray1
It sounds like your friend has the shared port "dial-up" 640k connection, which Qwest traded out for the always on 256k line. The price is the same, but they have halved your download speeds in exchange for the dedication. That's just how they sell it now.

If he is really getting dedicated 640 for $21.95, someone at Qwest made a mistake he does not want to report.

Download speeds are controlled by Qwest. We at XMission charge $19 for the basic account on any line, regardless of speed.

Tempe, AZ
reply to dwray1
I have been a Qwest DSL customer for over a year and I started out ot 256K. They Boosted me to 640K for free after a few months and I am still there. I am trying to get MSN off my line for 2 + months so I can go with xmission as well. MSN sucks furry butt hole..
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