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Mountain View, CA

Anyone know a strategy to request a service upgrade.

I am a long time covad/cyberonic subscriber who is fairly far from the CO. As a result I have pretty low margins. I currently have 1.5/768 service, and would like 3/768, but have been refused because of my distance and margin. However, when all of the cyberonic accounts were switched from Worldcom to Covad, I signed up for the 6/768 offer. What I found was while provisioned at 6/768, I would usually train at 3.5/768, and it would drop and retrain a couple of times a day(which I am fine with). This worked for a while until something happened to my line and I called service. During this service I got the usual cut my speed in half (3mb), which didn't help, the 1.5mb, then 768. When 786 was not reliable and they were going to go to 384, I screamed that I had had 1.5 since Telocity and demanded that they set me back to 1.5/768. I then stopped complaining about my unstable line until whatever broke it got fixed "on its own" since I knew the response to a complaint was to just cut my speed. (I suspect "near end cross talk" on the uplink, rather than a downlink problem but I couldn't prove it.)

I would like to try again for 3mb/768 service which I suspect would just barely work, with a little instability that I suspect I could live with. I am willing to promise not to call service without first resetting my speed back to 1.5/768, but so far I cannot get them to try at all. In addition, does anyone know of a modem that lets the CPE set a lower cap than the co has? It would be nice if I could get fast service, but "self cap" the line during times of high interference. Several times I have gone through a few weeks of interference that causes increased instability. Each time the solution is a cap on my downlink, which usually does not fix the problem. After a while the line clears up, but I have great difficulty getting the cap removed. It would be nice if I could set the cap, so I could remove it if either I decided to put up with the instability or the interference was removed. Unfortunately I haven't found a modem that lets me limit the train speed. I have considered building a noise injector, so I could add noise while the modem trains, then turn it off for more margin.

I would appreciate any "net.wisdom" input on how to convince cyberonic/covad to let me try the 3/768 service so I can see if it works as well as it did when I tried the 6/768 service before I got caped. When I had 6/768 it would retrain once or twice a day and give me 3.5/768 or so, which even happens at 1.5/768, but I can live with that. I think normally my problem is near end cross-talk rather than downlink problems, but no one wants to talk about that. They just see the margin and cut my speed in half.

Bloom County
They are not going to let you set the cap yourself and it is highly doubtful anything has changed on the line so the instability will still be there, that caused you to go to a much lower speed.

Even if something with the line was fixed you could easily find yourself even farther out than you currently are.

IMHO - you are stuck with what you have...

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reply to cfdstocks
Your ISP isn't Covad though so they are just going to tell you to call your ISP (Cyberonic is Covad's Customer). As to what Cyberonic will do for you, their customer, it is very doubtful they will raise your sync rate speeds if the line drops below certain stats and becomes unstable.

Look at your Downstream Attenuation. What is it steady at?

The general rule is:

• For 3 Mbps DSL the Downstream Attenuation must be under 48 dB with 10 dB SNR or better.

• For 6 Mbps DSL the Downstream Attenuation must be under 38 dB with 10-12 dB SNR or better.

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