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North Bergen, NJ

[Optimum Voice] Question about porting out Optimum Voice Number

My question is, I originally ported the number to Optimum/Cablevision from Verizon (the phone number under my mothers name when it was originally ported in), since then I am in charge of the billing for the Optimum and everything is under my name for Optimum.

My question is, if i want to port out my number back to Verizon, do I need to change the Customer Service Record (i.e. billing information) back to my mothers name so that there won't be any complications in the port back to verizon? I'm only asking this because I have a friend who works for VONAGE and the way they do their ports were that customer service record (billing name and address) has to match the original provider with the name they were using on their vonage bill. Does anyone know if this applies to Optimum Port outs as well? Will have to change the billing information and account information on the Optimum Account back to my mothers name before I attempt to port my number back to Verizon?

Any clarification or insight you may have into this would be appreciated.


Brooklyn, NY

Re: [Optimum Voice] Question about porting out Optimum Voice Num

vonage requires that for porting in or porting out?
if for porting out, i think they just invent their own retarded rules to make it harder for customers to switch away.

call verizon and ask them what they want.
i don't think CV can prevent you from porting out if you explicitly call them and tell them that you do authorize this port out request.


North Bergen, NJ
Yes, the Customer Service record has to match the information of the customer who is porting the number over to Vonage, meaning if the original number was under JANE DOE with address 123 Union Street, Fake City, NJ. then thats the name that has to be on the port in form when porting over your number to VONAGE, it cannot delineate from the original customer service record of the previous carrier (example. if someone was porting over the number from Verizon to Vonage, the exact information would have to be filled out thats on record for Verizons Customer SErvice record when filling out the Vonage Port form.

Thats why i want to clarify this with Optimum.. though i may also have to contact Verizon, though usually their so called customer service reps are clueless about these issues and i'll spend like 30minutes to an hour being transfered around from dept to dept.


Brooklyn, NY
so maybe the easiest way to do it is just initiate the port the way you want it.
if it'll go through, you are all set.
if it'll get stuck, i sure hope when you'll call verizon, they'll see why and will know how to fix it...instead of you trying to explain this beforehand.


Ronkonkoma, NY
·Optimum Online

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reply to Gxis
For the port to succeed, the name and address on your current CV account will need to match the name and address on the VZ account you're porting to. If you want to change the name after you activate it with VZ, then you can go ahead and do so.

edit: So to make it more clear, your mother originally owning the number should not be a problem. They should be looking at where it's coming from, and where it is going to, and that is it.


North Bergen, NJ
okay thanks frdrizzt, i'll do that.