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DIR-615 Unable to Connect on Restart

I have a Dlink DIR-615 wireless router and time warner cable. It seems that sometimes when I boot up my laptop(Vista), that it is unable to connect to my router. My roommate has a Mac Laptop and he has the same problem sometimes. I know that it's not just a network issue, because if my laptop can't connect, the other two computers are fine. (I have a desktop (XP) w/ a wireless adapter, but I have it on a static IP address and it always works fine.)

It says "connected with limited access" and the network icon in the taskbar has an exclamation point in it. I can resolve the issues by unplugging the router and plugging it back in, but it's really annoying to keep on doing this every time I have an issue.

I'm definitely no expert, but I have a feeling that the router has trouble automatically assigning an ip address unless the router boots up. But when a computer boots up, it has trouble getting a new IP address. (Maybe a conflict?) Also, I assigned my desktop a static IP address and is not having this problem.

Any thoughts?



Oh, and in case it makes a difference, I have WPA-Personal security on the wireless signal.


Boca Raton, FL
reply to keliason

Which Hardware and firmware version you have?



Hardware Version: C1
Firmware Version: 3.01