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Maynard G Krebs
reply to mlerner

Re: Primus Traffic Shaping :: For Better or for Worse !!!

said by mlerner:

So we're giving them millions and they're spending it on marketing or their wireless network!
Check out the $2.80 monthly 'Touch tone service charge" on your monthly Bell bill.

Originally allowed to help subsidize the cost of converting from rotary to touch-tone networks, today it's used to subsidize the one or two Strowger switches Bell probably keeps alive just so they can collect $10+ million/month in fees because their network still has a few party lines.

This fee ought to be quashed by the CRTC and Bell forced to repay many years worth to each subscriber.

Queue Dire Straits with the lyric "Get your money for nothing".


Revelstoke, BC
My family held out on the touchtone changeover until 3-4 years ago. We were still using those old Bell rotary phones that were the only ones you could get back in the day. Those old black phones weigh a ton and will probably outlive all of us. I remember some of my friends when I was a kid didn't even know how to dial a rotary topic sorry, just reminiscing.