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Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to PapaMidnight

Re: Nothing is sacred...

said by PapaMidnight:

said by aefstoggaflm:

said by dcurrey:

I am in range of 3 wireless networks. 2 of them are close enough to connect to. Even logged into routers. Guess I should change the default password for them at least.
I would not do that, if I were you.

Because connecting to another network that you do not own is illegal.
That's not entirely accurate.

First of all, there's no federal law as of yet of such and such cases are being handled on either a state by state or municipality by municipality case basis.

Secondly, connecting to another network you do not known is not illegal. "Maliciously" connecting to another network you do not own is illegal.

Additionally, Simply the wording alone of what you stated is too broad and makes the entire premise of the internet illegal, after all, aren't you merely "connecting to another network that you do not own"?
another thing to add to yours is that if it where 100% illegal to connect to wifi that isnt yours then 1000s of windows users would be guilty without pushing a button. i have seen winXP laptops that see default SSID'd WLANs with no security and just autoconnect with no user input.
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