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Seamonkey's back
Irving, TX
reply to PapaMidnight

Re: Not Always The End Users Fault

Only those with some seriously old hardware (or a nintendo DS) would run into that, though. Consoles (I forget, does the Wii support WPA?) and portables aside the lowest common denominator these days is WPA/TKIP, which was the best my old G3 ibook supported.

Windows XP with SP3 supports WPA2/AES, and older Windows don't give a rat's ass and just let the third-party software handle it. (Thus my Win 2k picturebook's ability to do WPA2 as well )

A wireless set up wizard could be as simple as "Do you have a Nintendo DS and want it to be able to surf?" which would set WEP or WPA based on the answer. The next question would be an unskippable demand for a password, though for WEP the password would be used to generate a hex string to use for the key.
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