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Re: Bravo for uncovering bogus "interest" groups

Access to the internet needs to be treated like infrastructure. Therefore, access to the web needs to be run like municipal utilities (and police, fire, water, sewer, etc.)

No competition. But far cheaper because there are no shareholders demanding and ROI and quarterly dividend checks.

Check out this little town in KY and what they are able to do. »rbg.glasgow-ky.com/2009/03/of-in···gow.html

While our initial gravel driveway connection to the world has now grown from 1.5 Mbps to 150 Mbps...we will be completing our own fiber optic circuit to Bowling Green and, in turn, to an AT&T router which is in Bowling Green. This will finally allow us nearly infinite capacity to the internet.
(BTW: Bowling Green is the home of Connect Kentucky which spawned Connected Nation.)

Local governments belong in the business of providing access to ALL citizens of a community. The local community can then decide if they want to pay for a "gravel road" or "superhighway."