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Embarq DSL and Netgear DSL Modem

I have been using a Netgear DSL modem for 2 months. I am very happy with this modem. I would advise anyone having dropped connection problems to switch to this modem.
I was having dropped connection problems, sometimes more than 10 a day.
I went through 4 Embarq modems.
Countless calls to tech support.
Multiple service calls to my house.
No one could find the problem.
I decided to fix it myself and ordered the Netgear modem.
I have not had even one dropped connection.
I noticed the speed varies up and down sometimes.
I did reboot the modem one time when the speed was low and
the speed increased.
I have not tried to make any adjustments to the modem settings to
improve the speed reliability.
My level of expertise is Software Engineer.
I post this here in the hope of helping someone with a similar problem.

they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV

Maybe the model number and where you bought it would help?


reply to rukrazy

Got it online at frys.
Netgear Broadband DSL Modem (DM111Pv2)

Physical Specications

Dimensions (L x W x H): 146 x 96 x 29.5 mm (5.75 x 3.78 x 1.16 in)
Weight: 190 g (0.42 lb)
Operating temperature: 0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F)

Standards Support

ITU 992.1 (G.DMT) Annex A
ITU 992.5 ADSL2+

Physical Interfaces

LAN port: One 10/100 Mbps auto sensing Auto-MDI-X, RJ-45 port (one Cat 5 UTP cable included)
ADSL port: RJ-11 port


RFC 2684 (formerly 1483) Bridged Ethernet over ATM PVCs
Bridged Mode-IEEE 802.1D Transparent bridging-Ethernet to ADSL self learning
Supports up to 128 MAC learning addresses


PPPoA client
PPPoE client
User name and password
DHCP server, DNS relay

Save/restore configuration, restore defaults, upgrades via Web browser, display statistics, logging


NETGEAR 1-year Warranty

Package Contents

Broadband DSL Modem (DM111Pv2)
12V DC, 1.0A power adapter
Category 5 Ethernet cable
RJ-11 phone cable
DSL phone line filter
Resource CD

Go Tarheels
Nashville, NC
reply to rukrazy

Thats great - sounds like you have issues on your line that the zyxel's chipset is unable to overcome.

Glad to hear it is working out for you.



I don't think it's a line issue. The DSL is on a separate line than my phone, Embarq did that on the first service call even though they could not find any problem with the lines. On each service call, Embarq monitored the line for errors for a long time. I was told each time that my lines are in very good condition, much better than most.
Also, my instructions to Embarq were to fix it no matter what the cost, so they could have replaced lines in my house, lines to the pole, or any other lines where ever, if there was a line issue.
All of the Embarq people were very sympathetic and nice to me, and tried to help me as much as they could, sometimes spending hours with me and calling back to check on me.
I am convinced the problem was the Embarq zyxel modems. I requested a different brand or model. I was told they didn't have a different brand, but they did give me a different model, it's an EQ-660HW ADSL Gateway, which is a combination modem/wireless router. I tried this model for a few hours, but could not figure out a network routing/configuration issue that was not an issue with my linksys wireless router. Embarq support couldn't solve the issue either, which is not their fault, because I have a complex setup with many versions and varieties of linux servers/desktops, windows servers/desktops, and macintosh that I use to test software that I write. It may be that this routing/configuration issue could be overcome, but I don't have the time required to analyze it properly right now. I did not try calling zyxel, which may also be an option, because if I did get a hold of someone that understood what I was talking about, I would still have to spend time to analyze the problem so I could give them an exact description of the problem. So, I may never know if the EQ-660HW ADSL Gateway would have solved my dropped connection issue.
Also, I did not try different firmware versions or making configuration changes on the zyxel modems, which may have been another option to explore. I run in bridge mode, so it's a lot of trouble to get out of bridge mode, make a change, go back to bridge, test ... I thought if making changes would help, that the Embarq people would know about it and do it.
Embarq did make the comment several times that no one else in my area is having this problem. I was able to shoot this down right away because my neighbors told me their connections go down all the time, they just don't care, it doesn't bother them because they are not an Internet junkie like me.
If my Internet goes down, it's just like the electricity going down, disaster!
I suppose if everyone around here would start complaining Embarq would have to do something, but I don't see that happening any time soon.
As long as my Netgear modem is working I'm happy.

Go Tarheels
Nashville, NC

Yeah, from your analysis, it does sound to be a zyxel issue with your port possibly. 99% of the time, the zyxel's work just fine.

Embarq also uses the 2wire which is a gateway/router similar to the EQ-660HW.



"99% of the time"
So that means 1 modem out of 100 is not working at any given time.
I have 4 modems that don't work.
So, out of 400 possible modems, I got the 4 that don't work.
What are the odds on that?
Greater than 400 to 1?
This starting to sound like a conspiracy.
I think I'm getting paranoid.

Go Tarheels
Nashville, NC

No, what I am saying that 99% of folks don't have problems with the zyxel, not that the modem is necessarily bad. Obviously there is something on your line that the zyxel cannot overcome and it keeps dropping sync or locking up. I have seen it from stray power, microwave towers, etc... The zyxel chipset is being affected by something occurring on your phone line, or within your home. Maybe you are running a mini nuclear reactor - who knows - just good to hear you were able to find an alternate solution.

Mr Gradenko

·Embarq Now Centu..
reply to rukrazy

I think what Tarheels Fan is referencing is where you write, "I noticed the speed varies up and down sometimes. I did reboot the modem one time when the speed was low and the speed increased" ____after you put the Netgear online.

That's an unexplained variable; I use the 660R and my speed is very consistent:


But, glad to hear things are better!

they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
reply to rukrazy

I found a DM111P (v1) on ebay for $27. I upgraded the firmware to the latest version and put it in bridge mode. I used it to replace my two year old 660. The response and page loads seem to be a little better. I didn't do any tests to try and prove it, just my perception from daily use.

I have not had any major problems with the 660 modem or the DSL service. There have been a few minor issues, but support or a modem reboot has always been able to fix them. The connection has always been stable. I don't remember more than 6 hours down-time over the las two years.

I do like the Netgear DM111P modem. It has a cleaner interface that is more responsive than the 660. I also found a second one for $15, to keep as a backup. I guess I'll start cleaning out the closet and getting rid of my other spare modems.

Apopka, FL
reply to rukrazy

I'm surprised to hear that someone has already received a 660HW - they just started shipping those out. Once they run out of 2wires they will only be shipping the 660HW.


Fayetteville, NC
reply to rukrazy

My modem is a Zyxel EQ660hw from Embarq and no drops.
All I did was hook it up to my eternet winxp desktop and my Vista laptop.I supplied wireless information and less than ten minutes I was up and running of the same phone line with my Embarq phone.


Henderson, NV
reply to rukrazy


Having a devil of a time getting my Netgear DGND3300 back up after computer crash. I must be overlooking something as I can connect with the 3300 and it is as well showing green light connection with Embarq DSL, however I am unable to access internet.

Would appreciate learning your router settings so I can do a sanity check.



Charlottesville, VA
·Embarq Now Centu..
reply to rukrazy

said by rukrazy:

I have been using a Netgear DSL modem for 2 months. I am very happy with this modem.

Just to add my experiences. I recently switched from a ZyXel 660 HW "all in one" (DSL MODEM, ROUTER, SWITCH, WLAN)
to a Netgear DGN2000 because the ZyXel went Tango Uniform after about 3 years. I have been mostly pleased with the performance of this device. The only complaint so far is that sometimes the device does not sync up at my provisioned speed and it takes a few reboots to finally sync up appropriately.