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Holy Cable Modem Batman

Washington, DC

Re: Bandwidth Limits/Congestion Management - All discussion here

That's still one better than having no clear indication from Comcast that the cap will ever be raised....

Resolutions on cameras and thus the size of the photo files/movies are constantly increasing... That's just one thing that's going to make users more likely to hit the cap.

This is aside from the newly available channels of HD content: iTunes/Netflix Streaming, etc.

Like it or not... the solution is metered billing, just like any other utility that delivers a quantifiable service: Power, Water, Gas.

If you're a usage hog, you pay for what you use. And the provider is able to collect based on that usage and invest in itself so that it can provide an adequate level of service to all.

Comcast, as a de facto monopoly in the cable space, has no interest in investing in itself to support this kind of use the way that the market wants it to. Instead of having a model that would derive revenue from so called "excessive use" or even higher level usage levels through alternative media sources (iTunes/Apple TV, Netflix Streaming, etc), they'd rather use the 250 GB cap to prevent and squash those alternative media sources from taking a foothold and threatening their Cable TV business.

You don't see Verizon doing this with DSL.
You don't see Verizon doing this with Fios.

Comcast is using the Cap to protect their cable division from competition.

Those higher speed Docsis 3.0 tiers are still capped! That's ridiculous, and it shows that that Docsis 3.0 isn't changing a damn thing.

Getting these Docsis 3.0 tiers is like buying a Ferrari with a 1 gallon gas tank. It's incredibly expensive too... and are you really going to notice the "speed" over 250GB of usage? I, for one, highly doubt it. You'll just get to your Cap, the same as everyone else.

Yes, it really is that simple. FiOs can't make it here to DC soon enough, and it's music to my ears that the system is being built right now.
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