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ATT or Atlantic Nexus

I am currently looking through dsl/cable providers in Georgia because I currently have an IFTIL 1.5mb connection from ATT. It used to be fine until 6-7 months ago when I started to get really high ping and slowdown at night. It has not stopped and techs seem to not be able to do anything. So I was thinking of going with Comcast but they are expensive compared to what I pay now. Since I am on IFTIL the highest speed from Atnex that I can get is the same 1.5mb. Even tho it is the same speed is Atnex better at dealing with congestion at night? Does it slow down every night like ATT does or will both connections be the same? I just want my connection to be the way it used to be and I hope Atnex can provide that.


I would suggest sending an e-mail or giving Atlantic Nexus a call. From what I have seen of their customer service they would be more than happy to discuss the network with you.

I can say that the connection after leaving your CO will be on the Atlantic Nexus network. I have been using them for sometime and could not be happier. Over the years in Atlanta I have used Bellsouth, Charter, Sprint (No longer in the biz here)Speed Factory and Speakeasy. As far as networking with all these carriers and congestion slow downs I would have to say that with the exception of Sprint's Business Class Service and Speakeasy SDSL service that Atlantic Nexus has the next best network I have used.

Also out of ALL the above carriers the Tech Support at Atlantic Nexus is 2nd. to NONE! I have dealt with a lot of companies and I have never see such far superior tech support with anyone else. ( This is if you ever have to use them) Atlantic Nexus uptime here at my residential service has never been down more than 2 hours in two years and most likely that was Bellsouth's copper or a CO problem.

I have never had Comcast, but my Girlfriend in Alpharetta does. I can tell you that she calls me at least every two weeks that her connection is down. They have a TON of problems with their DHCP servers not handing out an IP address. I spend a lot of time with her ruling out it being on her end. Now call Comcast support and they do not even know what a dhcp server is but they will send out a tech to exchange out the modem and then they reverse trouble shoot. I will say that when they are up they are fast. But darn sure not reliable for my use.