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San Jose, CA

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reply to joetaxpayer

Re: Bandwidth Limits/Congestion Management - All discussion here

Tivo records mpg2, or likely at a higher quality then you can stream from Netflix. Normal "HD" streamed is h.264 mpeg (mpeg4) which (as we posted elsewhere above) runs anywhere from 1 to 1.5GB/hour for 720p or 1080p. This is the "HD" video you stream from Netflix (after all, they pay for bandwidth too), or get from iTunes.

OTA Broadcast HD (as a counter-point) is anywhere from 5-8GB/hour (if you record the ts yourself.)

We've beaten this horse so many ways its not even funny. Sure, you can come up with ways a family of 4 does nothing but watch streaming netflix all day, each on their own PC (wow, sign me up for that family, sounds GREAT!)

They could do it, but they'd run out of HD content in 2.5 months, if they watched every last DOG on netflix.

Just do it.

Holy Cable Modem Batman

Washington, DC

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I'll say it again and again.... because I still don't think it's getting through.

Every day that goes by, 250 GB gets you less and less of the internet.... File sizes are constantly increasing as quality goes up for the content itself.

In fact, given the expansion of the internet's content, the dollar-value proposition of 250GB capped usage becomes worse and worse every day....

That, my friend, is an inarguable fact.
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San Jose, CA

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I'll say it again and again
No argument there!

A full and balanced life might include more then the internet

250GB is the cap today. No doubt the cap will go up. Heck, no doubt you can use more then 250GB today, and still might be just fine.

No one is suggesting that 250GB is going to be a reasonable cap in 5 years. I'm not, anyway. Higher speeds, more competition, upgrades to the network, and yes, broad demand from more then 1% of the user base will indeed drive the caps higher.

But it's not today. Today, the great massive bulk of users won't come near it, so its a non-issue for them and comcast.

That, my friend, is an inarguable fact.

And we do another lap around the dead horse.