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Brooklyn, NY
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real meanings?

A cable company being able to unload billions in debt doesn't necessarily make the company better serve it's customers. the cable industry as a whole is not in a very healthy position. Video subscribership is falling off due to economic woes & popularity of on-demand internet video from a variety of sources be it legal or not, $ paid $ or not. Will vendors & lenders, employees and others they do business with be all that more sympathetic to a company who will probably be cash positive after bankruptcy? Time will tell. Good luck thinking this will bring charter customers 50-100+mbits of unlimited symmetric broadband for under $100/month, cheaper video/phone service or some other fantasy.

Many cable ISP's either have or are strongly considering/implementing their options to limit broadband usage. Telcos sofar are resisting a similar strategy for now, but are not immune to poor quality deployments or talking out of both sides of their mouth about working with the riaa/mpaa when it comes to maintining customers vs censorship of copyrighted data (at&t).