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K Patterson
Columbus, OH

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The Factual Basis of the "Cap"

We have gotten very far away from the factual basis of the cap, so let's review the actual document:


For those that are reading-challenged:

1) There is no cap.

2) Comcast is required to set a level of usage BELOW which Comcast will take no action against a customer for excessive use.

3) Comcast can change that level whenever it wants, including decreasing, increase, or eliminating it, or creating bandwidth tiers.

4) There is no mention of a bandwidth meter.

So enough of the 250GB cap already. It doesn't exist.

Edit: I should have pointed out that this applies to Florida only, although Comcast seems to have added the words required by this agreement to its national TOS.

Added subtopic title for highlighting in first post. ~sorto'