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No Better Service In Atlanta!!

As a user that switched to Atlantic Nexus during the downfall of another local ISP sometime ago, I continue to be amazed at the service and dedication from Atlantic Nexus.

1. Down time has been almost NONE. With Bellsouth and later my former ISP downtime was fairly frequent. Especially with their DNS servers. No problems at all with DNS servers now.

2. Top Notch Customer Service anytime, and they do not ask you to reboot your computer three times from a standard Indian Check list before even listening to your more educated question than their answer!

3. Tech support speaks my kind of ENGLISH! Hey were are in American.

A recent example of how you will never find this kind of support from any other ISP in Atlanta and most likely no where else in this country.

This morning, SUNDAY at 12:30 AM , just after midnight I sent a message through Atlantic Nexus contact form on their website and asked that a Reverse DNS be setup for one of my 5 static IP addresses.

At 2:30 this morning (Sunday), TWO hours later, I received a message from T.C. an Engineer at Atlantic Nexus that my RDNS was all setup and ready to go.

My friends this is Customer Service at the extreme best end of the scale and for one reason Atlantic Nexus is now rated #1 in Atlanta!

As further comparison I have a full T-1 at my business from a monopoly carrier..... Yes be thankful that in most of Atlanta we have a choice, This monopoly phone company does have an SLA with me and I must say for a monopoly phone company I have had a much better experience with up time than expected. At any rate, with them it took 3 days for a RDNS and almost 3 hours to find the right department to handle it.

Again, My hat is off to All the guys at Atlantic Nexus. Now if you could just get away from BS copper there would be no stopping you!