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K Patterson
Columbus, OH

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Comcast Business accounts are limited!

While doing some research in connection with reading the Maryland lawsuit article, I came across this, from the business AUP:

"Are there restrictions on data consumption that apply to the Service?
The Service is for commercial use only in a small, medium, or large business as determined by the applicable Business Services Agreement. Therefore, Comcast reserves the right to suspend or terminate Service accounts where data consumption is not characteristic of a typical commercial user of the Service as determined by the company in its sole discretion, or where it exceeds published data consumption limitations. Common activities that may cause excessive data consumption in violation of this Policy include, but are not limited to, numerous or continuous bulk transfers of files and other high capacity traffic using (i) file transfer protocol (“FTP”), (ii) peer-to-peer applications, and (iii) newsgroups. Your business must also ensure that its use of the Service does not restrict, inhibit, interfere with, or degrade any other person’s use of the Service, nor represent (as determined by Comcast in its sole discretion) an overly large burden on the network. In addition, your business must ensure that its use of the Service does not limit or interfere with Comcast’s ability to deliver and monitor the Service or any part of its network.

If your business uses the Service in violation of the restrictions referenced above, that is a violation of this Policy. In these cases, Comcast may, in its sole discretion, suspend or terminate your business’ Service account or request that it subscribe to a different version of the Service if it wishes to continue to use the Service at higher data consumption levels. Comcast may also provide versions of the Service with different speed and data consumption limitations, among other characteristics, subject to applicable Business Services Agreements. Comcast’s determination of the data consumption for Service accounts is final."

This is substantially the same as the residential AUP, except in the residential version the "limit", or "cap", is openly stated as 250GB. Here it is unstated.

It is my belief that you will not get "in trouble", or get a letter, on either type of account unless your usage is creating problems. The question remains as to whether Comcast will be more tolerant of a business account (at a residential address) than they would be of a regular residential account.

Edit - added: They do have the right to be less tolerant because for business there is nothing stopping them from setting a limit under 250GB.

Edit - Sorry, Ms. Geek. Meant to reply to the topic.

Edit to fix title typo. ~sorto'