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This is a sub-selection from Free for all

Layton, UT
reply to gdicus

Re: Free for all

said by gdicus:

I have to agree.

The service I provide has, on multiple occasions, been wiped out by city projects.

Then, what usually happens is that the Government, or Librarian in this case imposes it's own rules for the service.

Think about having a Librarian regulating your internet service.

Go to the local library and you will see these rules in play. I haven't for awhile, but in one branch they wouldn't allow people to email from their computers.

So, after wiping me out, they in turn provided a substandard service. I couldn't compete with free internet, even with freedom to access any site that you wished to access.
So you are saying the Librarian dictates what you can do from home? or just from the library?

Or if I read your post in a different way, how does providing limited service at a public facility that is (in most places) open for limited hours affecting what I assume was an attempt by you to be an internet provider? Either you provide such poor service each time that it was better to go to the library with the limited hours and time restrictions than to put up with your multiple attempts. I have not seen one library prohibit email, and I have used libraries in California, Arizona, Ohio, Texas, and one in Alberta over the last few years before I got a laptop.

Or the third option which looks more logical, the standard big business troll.
I am not lost, I find myself every time.