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Muni isp....

Why are North Carolina cities talking about their own networks? Because they missed the part where they have failed everywhere else in the nation. Why ? Their independence allows them to build a network that is constructed with no regard for the carrier system that connects it to the world. When they can't get the telco obligated to to make their setup work -it is abandoned . The taxpayer looses again.


I would like to point out that competition is what has us hobbled with so many systems that do not work. It is NOT all about consumer free choice and the economics of the free market. It IS about building a broadband system that works , is reliable -and has the capacity to carry everyone at the highest speeds. When this is done at the lowest cost the benefits are shared by everyone. Competition takes the money out of communications. You cannot force the companies to provide broadband at a price lower than the cost. All service ,construction and upgrades would stop. This has already happened with the competition in telephone service. The Government should stop using public money to force an ineffective political solution on a situation that is at the core a technological problem. To Legislate broadband as a non profit business is to kill it.