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reply to buccaneere

Re: Free for all

said by buccaneere:

I disagree that your examples were once provided by the private sector. Nor are they now. They were always public services, funded by taxation of the service recipients.
"insurance companies formed private fire brigades to protect their clients’ property. Insurance brigades would only fight fires at buildings the company insured. These buildings were identified by fire insurance marks."

Modern police in Europe has a precedent in the Hermandad, literally "brotherhood" in Spanish, a peacekeeping association of armed individuals, a characteristic of municipal life in medieval Spain, especially in Castile. As medieval Spanish kings were often unable to offer adequate protection, protective municipal leagues began to emerge in the 12th century against bandits and other rural criminals, as well as against the lawless nobility or to support a one or another claimant to the crown.

The notion of private highways, which would seem fantastic to our parents, was commonplace to our great-great-grandparents. Initiated in the 1790s in the growing Republic, these roads stimulated commerce, settlement, and population. During the nineteenth century more than 2,000 private companies financed, built, and operated toll roads. States turned to private initiative for much the same reason they are doing so today: fiscal constraints and insufficient administrative manpower. Knowledge of our toll-road heritage may help encourage today’s budding toll-road movement.
I could go on but you get the point. Services often start out as private entities. Over time some services transition from private to public ownership.

said by buccaneere:

Because the politicians do NOT make the rules. They sign rules formulated by their compaign contributors.

So what is your solution to corruption? Do nothing or tackle the problem. Seems to me the way we finance public officials is inherently corrupting. They have to serve two masters, their constituents and campaign contributors. But that is a discussion for another thread.