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Sir Meowmix III


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Not a money grab? Right...

Blatant money grab. Not everyone likes being turned upside down and shaken for their pocket change.

La Crosse, WI
What they don't realize is that nowadays, most people don't have any extra pocket change. So what they will soon find out is that they are taking a turn for the worst and this business model will not work. It's taking what we have now and going like ten steps backwards if you ask me. Money, money, money...



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I gave up on the internet for now, got onto a light internet plan for browing and emails, and used the left over money for the hockey league and equipment. Why get a fast connection like this if i'm not going to be able to pirate all these blue ray movies, it's going to end up costing more downloading them then buying them.

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said by Sir Meowmix III :

Blatant money grab. Not everyone likes being turned upside down and shaken for their pocket change.
It won't affect ppl who don't use much but for many that use it a lot well two thing will happen,
either the user will cut pack on internet usage or just don't pay it and do without internet...

The kind of ppl that won't be affected are those who use it to check email only and other little bandwidth usage that could be done on dialup as well like elderly or the disabled

they are looking to get content user to pay up or cough up as much as possible so they can use it to buy their luxury car, a new house or other unnecessary crap like jewelry costing many millions

they think everyone has money to burn like they do..


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Totally agree - this is bullshit in this day and age where there are so many legit reasons to use that bandwidth.

Total scumbags - here's hoping someone drags there asses into a courtroom.


reply to jadebangle
Disabled??? I was not aware that I only needed dialup when i am disabled. What are you talking about?

The Master

Lumberton, NJ
reply to jadebangle
Disabled don't need bandwidth? I'm pretty badly disabled, and I use 3TB+ each month(FIOS). If anything, the disabled have more time to spend at the computer, and use more.