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reply to hayabusa3303

Re: vote with your money.

said by hayabusa3303:

Disconnect and tell them to goto hell.
Here is what gonna happen...
a user see his or her bill that are extremely outrageous and won't pay
ISP then disconnect you for refusing to pay
If too many ppl do this, the losses are the ISP for overcharge

You can only get what someone who can afford to pay
You can't get someone to pay what they don't have.
ISP think their are many user who can just pay whatever they wanna charge them whether they have it or not

ISP is crazy to start metering everyone as if it is utility
a very bad idea, not even laughable...

everyone of us know its more of a luxury then a necessity
they believe we can't do without internet and think we live on it that if we don't have it we're gonna go crazy and pay any money they want to blackmail us with this silly pay per gb instead of flat monthly payment like we had for the last 9 or 10 years.