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they work for US!

we all need to remember that these companies work for us! we are their source of income. if we come together we can stop this. if we wanted to go against time warner for instance we could have everyone call their support centers once a day and complain. eventually they would get sick of the calls or lose thousands of customers. in this economy a customer is worth its weight in gold. so odds are they will change things. we are more powerful then corporations and the government. they need to realize that they are here to serve us and make some money. we shouldn't let them tell us how its going to be. thats not very good customer service. i work in a Wyndham Vacation Resort. if i were to tell every guest that stayed with us that they had to pay $10 to use the pool, $5 to use the gym and $5/towel, i dont think that would go over very well. they would all complain and the policy would be revoked. corporations will find every way they know how to nickle and dime us. if we let them, then they get more of our hard earned money and we get less. most of that $ probably goes into corp executives paychecks anyways. not on actually improving things. i wouldnt mind paying a wireless company a $.25 charge for some bullshit if it actually went into making things better. we are the people and they would be nothing without us. lets remind them of that. im just so sick of corporate america. they already have enough $ for gods sake! just my rant/opinion...


Orchard Park, NY
Paragraphs are your friend if you want to relay your thoughts.

The large picture is we are all producers and consumers. The "companies" work for us and we also work for "companies". When you purchase something from that company, you are directly consuming that product but indirectly producing employment for that product to be created.

Your rallying cry seems to be "if we come together we can stop this." By stop this I am presuming you mean stop higher prices, lower cap rates, or both. That answer is simple. Create a competing company that offers lower prices and higher or no cap rates.

Competition lowers prices of a product and creates better quality of a product.
-- Prodyn