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Philadelphia, PA

problem syncing zoom x6 to Cavtel

Kind people,
While I await the delivery of a new modem from Cavtel (old one got lightning fried on Sunday) I decided to try a Zoom X6 which various posts here indicate people have had success with.

I can't get it to sync. Cavtel's response predictably is "only our modems work." Zoom has tried to be helpful but they seem to have never heard of Cavtel. They just say "it should work if you can get it to sync."

Anyways, anybody have any thoughts? And if I get it to sync, does anyone know the proper vpi/vci?

Thank you in advance.

Paul S. LaFollette, Jr.
Associate Professor
Computer and Information Sciences
Temple University
Philadalphia, PA 19122



Fredericksburg, VA

Re: problem syncing Zoom X6 to Cavtel

I'm running ZoomX6 v2.15-00 under
Protocol 1483 BridgedIP+NAT,
Encapsulation LLC
VCI 35
NAT enabled with static IP,
DNS and,

and shows up on ADSL Status page as:
[ Quote ]
ADSL Status

Item Status
ADSL Line State: Showtime
Downstream: 15326 Kbps
Upstream: 1034 Kbps
Mode: t1.413
Transmit Power: 12.3 dB
ADSL Link UP Time: 43 day 20 hour 59 min 57 sec

Item Downstream Upstream
SNR Margin 8.5 dB 9.0 dB
Line Attenuation 45.5 dB 12.0 dB
CRC Errors 0 0
FEC Errors 0 0
HEC Errors 0 0

[ EndQuote ]

ADSL Configuration

Item Value
SwitchMode Disable
BitSwap Disable
BitSwapUp Disable
T1_413WaitTime 90
T1_413TrainNum 2
ADSL2plusWaitTime 45
ADSL2plusTrainNum 2
Standard t1.413
Activate Line None

[ Change to Abort, Save Changes, Start, Save Changes and (lastly) Write Settings To Flash to complete/facilitate updates to ROM ]

Hope this extract from my setup helps. I'm very pleased with my FlexDSL service, SpeedTests and all.
Good Luck.