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reply to Phnxjim

Re: Fairpoint IS a disaster - for it's customers...

said by Phnxjim :

I'm disgusted here - even dialup isn't a real option since fairpoint owns the phone lines
Our analog copper got cleaner. We're the next-to-last house from the line-end and, in late 2006, a high count of splices were made to get us a second "working" pair. The linemen said that wire and slice box innards were crap and - in previous years - they'd make a call, a supervisor would breeze through, and replacement would be scheduled. But by then VZ had throttled infra expenditures and input from linemen wasn't worth much.

After the Fairpoint purchase the workmen came back and cleaned & re-spliced most of the splice boxes on our run. No clean pulls out to me but they managed to reduce splice counts plus unspaghetti an extra dozen pairs (new house going in). My average through-puts jumped from 1.9 KBPS to 3.7! Woohoo! . . . . Then I moved to town and bought 18/1 Mbps.

So, no reason to deride Fairpoint operations over here. Just the seemingly dumb purchase.