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Re: [Scam] Ebay Motors Scam

Did that get posted for everyone to see. Or was that sent to you.. sorry I am new to this. How do I post it for all/can you forward that back to me. Thanks. And good luck with you car purchases in the future.

.. Ill leave that cause I think its kinda funny.. sorry all im a noob at this .. ok .. lets try this again.

So a similar situation happened to me within the last two days.. I always check these forum when I think I'm being scammed so I wanted to share this one.

I saw an add on carigslist for a motorcycle. Look like a too good to be true deal, but responded. Here is the response:

Hello and sorry for the late reply. Hope I'm not too late and you didn't already purchased another bike.
I saw you are interested in my 2008 Honda CBR 600cc. The bike has 780 miles( it's like new ) - i gotta sell it fast because of my job. Rust free, no scratch and hasn't been involved in any accident( never been laid down ).This is one of the best bikes I have owned so far. The bike has a CLEAN title.I want this transaction to be smooth and I don't have much time at my disposal to waste with endless discussions. I believe $3,800 is more than a fair price. Let me know if you wanna buy it.

Thank you,

Lt. Paul Jackson

P.S. More pictures here:
»s638.photobucket.com/albums/uu10 ··· onda600/

First thing that tipped me off to it being a scam was immediately after I recieved a response I researched craigslist for the posting and it was gone. In the email, he answered all but one of my questions, which I found odd. Also, was in a rush to sell, which was another bad sign. Giving the benefit of the doubt, people have their reasons some times, I responded back. Told him I would like the VIN number and would like to see the bike, test drive it, and if everything checked out we would make the exchange that day. His response:

The bike is at MacDill AFB, Tampa Bay, FL, where I am currently stationed, until April 19th, when I will be deployed to Iraq (I'm a US AirForce Lieutenant). This is why I must sell it before that date. Shipping won't be a problem for me,being a military I have access to some special facilities. I will take care of that, with no costs on your end. This is a large amount and I would like to conduct the deal using an authorized third party like Ebay using their Purchase Protection Program, so this should eliminate any trust issues. They will keep a deposit until the purchase is final, and you test and accept the bike. If you will not get the bike as described, and also a clean title you will receive your money back.To be able to use this program you need to qualify. I have been approved 3 years ago and I was very satisfied. So, if you are interested in buying my bike just let me know your name and shipping address.
I will forward these to eBay's protection program and wait for the approval.
You can reach me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or you can leave me your phone # as well.

Thank you,
Lt. Paul Jackson

you can see the vin number in the pictures I uploaded

It is obvious now that it is a scam. This was also posted in a philadelphia craigslist posting. So what should I do now? I am kinda tempted to response and see what the next stage of the scam would be. What do you think?

Farmington, MI
Sure, screw with him. Also, post the email's headers here in a code block -- we'll tell you where the mail's originating from (unless he's using gmail or another client that hides his IP).


he is using gmail .. I will reply and see what happens

Post his phone number too, since there is no question that he is a scammer. I am sure it is a voip throw away number anyway. However, it will be archived by search engines for other potential victims to find.


RIP lil hurricane
Brandon, FL
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reply to mikeo9
said by mikeo9:

he is using gmail .. I will reply and see what happens
hey, tell him you have a "friend" in Tampa that will check it out for you, i can get access to the base

he's quite evasive about the VIN, it isnt too readable (or it's just my bad eyes). since it's located here, i shouldnt have any issues pulling it up with a FL title

scratch that:
here's the ebay auction
»cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Honda-CB ··· orcycles
the "vin" picture matches.
one truth is it's really located here in Tampa, being sold by a dealer(Total Toys). I used to live a few blocks from the location.
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