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Monroe, ME

[connectivity] Will my old USED ID help? Plus--emails not phone

I have a modem, it flashes green, it just won't connect--when I call Fairpoint tech they say they don't have my records. When I call customer service, they say other customers are having trouble too with "the switchover"--from Verizon to Fairpoint? Well, I still have slow dial-up for sending this msg would be impossible. My question is, I have my old USER ID--can I use this somehow to get connected. Also, when they notify me, I'd like to be emailed, not called--who do I tell this to? Fairpoint? Verizon? Anyone know what is wrong and when it's going to end?

Milford, NH
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Re: [connectivity] Will my old USED ID help? Plus--emails not ph

Welcome to BBR.

If I understand correctly you have Verizon/FairPoint DSL and it stopped working recently? DSL user name has not changed, FairPoint ignores domain name so either vze***@Verizon.net or vze***@myfairpoint.net work. DSL customer do not have to do anything other then update email.

If FairPoint has no record of your DSL account will need to work with them to get it corrected.

Is dialup also through FairPoint on someone else? If so there may be a conflict between the two accounts.

Once you get DSL fixed need to update email address. I think email notification is automatic but am not sure.

Should have received a mailing about the changes:
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Im not sure

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reply to mfreeman43
Verizon really doesn't have a presence in Maine now, so it is hard for them to do much. FairPoint was supposed to have this stuff all fixed by now, and most obviously doesn't....

Even though they do not regulate the Internet, the Maine Public Utilities Co mission has been helpful with a lot of situations like yours, and they are familiar with such problems. They may worth a call.

These are all of the other state agencies that deal with FairPoint complaints, and they are familiar with the process:


I would recommend starting with the Office of the Public Advocate...

Note: If it is as simple as an address matter, I would agree with Tom's above post. If, however, the actual *record* has gone missing, then that it more complex, in that the equipment (phone, modem, etc.) has to have the old record transferred from Verizon to FP...

I would try Tom's suggestion, and see if that fixes it first!

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Brunswick, ME
Did you access the modem's web page at » unless you are using a router. That web page will then show "PPP status" of either DOWN or UP. If it's DOWN, then make sure the modem is connected to the phone jack.