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Cavalier Telephone / DSL is horrible!

My connection is never stable, I can't play games on-line, and tech support is like taking to a retarded wall!!!

This is my weekend, every weekend. Another wonderful thing, my apartment is under a contract with them so I am stuck. I have had cable before and wish I could cancel this crap and tell them to stick this DSL crap where the sun does not shine. I have had one dumb retard tech after another out here that does not know what is going on and they do nothing to fix it.

I would recommend Cavalier Telephone to NO ONE!

Salisbury, MD
More than likely, it is the wiring inside your apartment. I don't know if you could get access to the NID, but if you could you could try hooking up your modem their and doing a speed test, that would tell you if it is inside wiring or if cavalier needs to schedule a truck roll.
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Maybe? It does not matter anymore. Talking with Cavalier, they are not offering any help at all over phone. They wont even send a tech out cause there are no errors when they test my line. I dunno what to do anymore. I'll be happy when my lease runs out and I can move somewhere to get cable. It use to be fine before I left for Iraq. When I got back a few months ago, nothing but problems. I have went over to my neighbors and tested theirs and they are slow to.

Another slow night...


Fredericksburg, VA

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Sorry to hear that ... doing fine here. Maybe your setup?

Indeed, hardwire problems, esp. in older apartment buildings, often contribute to "dirty" lines.

Need more info to offer any help, though.


I would love to have those speeds. My set up works fine. It is the apartment. They have had a group of guys out here today looking at it actually. I dunno whats being done to fix it. I was told wiring probably needs to be replaced. Nice to know it was not just me but the entire complex.