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Does anyone have a comparison of VZ/FP DSL speeds?

Has anyone compared their speed test results before and after FP took over northern NE from Verizon? I think my speed may have been cut in half, but have no official numbers to go by.

Milford, NH
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Transition has had no effect on either DSL sync rate or speed test performance for me in Southern NH. Actually FairPoint has been a plus since I'm slightly too far for 3000/768 and Verizon would not upgrade me from 1500/384. Last July called FairPoint and Rep stated I was too far but agreed to put through the request. Have stable 3000/768 ever since.

There have been reports of network congestion causing lower then expected speed over some areas of Northern NE.

Per your other thread need to determine if problem is with DSL connection or network congestion in your area.



I'm guessing I just have to put in a similar request. If only I could get through to FP...

Milo, ME
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Speed has not changed here in north central Maine. A few weeks ago web browsing slowed to a crawl during evening and weekend hours, but this was/is a DNS issue. I got tired of waiting for FP to fix it (ha ha!) and switched to OpenDNS... no more sluggishness.

I would suggest you check your modem transceiver stats to make sure you are still seeing the proper sync speed and that your signal margins are OK. I would then run one (or more) of the online speed tests to see what your throughput is.

Good luck.


Brunswick, ME

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Here is my dslreports.com "Line Quality" test result for the day before the FairPoint transition, for 1.5 Mbps service: »/linequality/nil/2483536.

So far I'm getting similar "Line Quality" results. The "Line Quality" test is selected from the "Tools" page and measures the results of a stream of packets sent to your IP address from both the east and west coast.


Richmond, ME
reply to Benvt
Speeds have been the same for me. Sometimes there is a slight hiccup in latency.