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Anyone in Atlanta seeing the faster speeds?

I've been following the threads about faster speeds as Comcast rolls out their new speed tiers. I believe there were supposed to be new areas in the Atlanta area being upgraded to the new tiers this past week but I haven't seen any mention of it in any of the threads so I thought I would post and ask if anyone is seeing the faster tiers? So I've only seen one person in the Roswell area post about the faster tiers and that was back a month or two ago. Did the upgrade get delayed in this area?


They should be available. I called Comcast about an unrelated issue today. I was offered to upgrade to 20m for 20 dollars more. I live in the Vinings area.

Sunnyvale, CA
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I haven't noticed faster speeds in Buckhead.

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Channel Type: DOCSIS 1.x (TDMA)
Symbol Rate: 2560 kSym/sec
Modulation: QAM16

They say you will be upgraded to docsis 2.0 (ATDMA) and something like QAM64.

I also saw the person in roswell post that they were upgraded and have since contacted and asked comcast why not here.
They couldn't tell me other than it goes by a region.
I assume they mean it is done CMTS by CMTS.

I am betting that roswell has it because most of that area is Uverse ready.

Still waiting...

cracker 52

Atlanta, GA
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Still no increase in speeds, upload or download, here in the Chamblee-Dunwoody area, despite U-Verse having been available in this area since last November.

I also got a response from CSR that upgrades are being done by region in the metro area, and the upgrades will occur throughout this year. Which, in reality, will probably stretch into next year.

As I posted before, this area of Atlanta is usually the last in the country to get speed upgrades because of "major work" that always need to be done to the antiquated plant. Apparently, local Comcast management would rather lose customers than spend the necessary dollars to bring the plant into the 21st century. They are being dragged kicking and screaming to upgrade to speeds that most of the other Comcast markets are already getting.

My father, who lives near Lakeside High School, has been getting powerboost upload into 10 megs for several months. His plant is modern as it built by ATTBI before it was acquired by Comcast.

Still waiting here too, and I'm not really expecting any upgrades to occur in my area until next year.

Runs from Clowns
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