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Re: Fairpoint is only part of the problem

I have a lot of respect for folks in tech support, whether they are working on a help desk or as a field rep. It is a difficult and rather thankless job all around.

I have no doubt that FP got a mess to begin with, but I also know that they have managed to create a complete disaster for any number of us. Problems that simply did not exist under Verizon's watch are routine now, and wait times of 40 to 60 minutes just to get through to customer service are standard.

With FP, I periodically have no dial-tone on one or more fiber lines. That did not occur with Verizon, and FP takes days to resolve such things.

FP still has not "found" one of my lines... it did not migrate over from Verizon. Verizon can "find" it, I have the appropriate billing code for it, someone at FP needs to enter it.

FP billed me (via automatic withdrawal) 3 times in March, and would not issue a reversal. Left me with a huge credit- multiple lines plus Internet. They have since withdrawn another payment for April- my cancellation had not finished processing- so now they have a heck of a lot of my money, and I am not happy.

It isn't the folks that work at FP that most of us run into that frustrate me... it is the complete ineptitude of the management to get this stuff resolved. Folks like me are not going to give the guy or gal who answers the phone a bad time, but I am sure disgusted with the company's business model... I would be out of business if I ran my people that way.
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