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I Void Warranties

Billings, MT

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TWC = Ignorance

Yep.. From TWC's point of view, every one of their customers is a complete IDIOT and doesn't know anything about computers or technology.

I just love this. At least if I get technical with Bresnan, they know how to answer me. If I get too technical, they transfer me to a Network Engineer to better answer my question.

Ugh.. I hope TWC dies a horrible takeover. I know if I had TWC I'd be hunting for a different ISP immediately. Even my friends and family who read this were like "Huh? Are they crazy?"
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If TWC is stupid enough to force metered service on it's customers I will take my $135.00 monthly payment for it's services and find another provider that does not charge more money for the same service. In my experience TWC has good service, but I refuse to pay per GB for any reason just for their greed. The cable companies are due for more competition and it in my area they are the only provider allowed on land lines. So in addition to going to Direct TV and another internet provider, my city would see pressure from us to allow another land line provider in. This could be the start of more competition as I said and that is a good thing. So bring it on TWC and we will see what happens to your monopoly.

Canadian, eh?

Valencia, CA
reply to Simba7
TWC = We're going to bill by the byte (as will Comcast, AT&T and others).. we just can't ram it down your throats for really high profits on it from day 1.

Eg. the 5GB-40GB 'standard' packages that would be netting TWC profit from day 1 would probably have to start off more like:

10GB (1.5Mbps or less connections)
100GB for 'standard' (6-10Mbps)
160 GB for 15/2 Mbps
250GB for the higher packages

I suspect that since TWC can't make immediate profits on the low end billing by the byte TODAY that it wants, it will do 2 things:

1. Raise rates (the 10Mbps/1Mbps 'standard' package will be probably $52/month now vs. $46)
2. Make the low end packages less attractive - the 1.5Mbps or less packages at +$30/month or require install fees, bundling, etc.
3. Offer an 'internet lite' package. Not 'true' internet, but have filters, caps, and all sorts of other methods to make 'lite' users happy and not cost much. Downside, being a 'not true' internet would be sort of old school AOL ish, with no access to bittorrent, etc. It would have to be sold as a unique service.
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